International Union of Soil Science (IUSS)

Commission 1.1: Soil Morphology & Micromorphology

Przemys³aw Mroczek

Departament of Physical Geography and Paleogeography

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University

Al. Krasnicka 2cd, 20-718 Lublin



Soil is a three-dimensional  natural body that has spatial and temporal dimensions (soil cover or pedosphere). Primary organic and inorganic constituents are organized into secondary polyhedral structural units that in turn are assembled into vertical and lateral horizons that comprise soils unique to the environment under which they are formed. The morphogenetic properties that comprise soils are the essential elements of soil classification, interpretation, and land quality. They result from current and paleohistory of soil environments and in turn record many of the environmental signatures that result. Morphogenetic properties are dynamic and anisotrophic in response to other state factor perturbations. The study of the structures, mineralogy, fabrics found in soil profiles can be used to understand soil properties, processes, and dynamics; it permits the understanding of the genesis of soils.

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